Workbrain Japan utilizes an extensive partner and IT consultant network to establish a successful business model for our clients.

Workbrain Japan partners include leading System Integrators, Resellers, Analyst firms, Consulting & BPO firms, ISV/IHV's, Independent IT Consultants, Translation, Recruitment and Education Partners.

Workbrain Japan assists clients with the following:

  • Market Assessment & Research
  • Business Plan Formation
  • Localization & Documentation
  • Partner Sourcing & Contracting
  • Establishment of Technical Support Organization
  • Education & Training
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Recruitment

Either in the capacity of retained consultants working with specific objectives and a given time frame, or as an official distributor for our client in Japan, Workbrain Japan can help software vendors maximize ROI in this challenging market.

4-Step Consulting Service Menu

  1. Market Assessment: The first and most fundamental step for any company seeking to enter a new market is to assess the market opportunities, threats and challenges; appropriate market analysis will reduce risk and increase opportunities.
    • Market Profiles: outline on sectors, size, trends, players & alliances
    • Detailed Market Analysis: details on sectors, size, trends, players & alliances
    • Analysis & Survey: details on sectors, size, trends, players & alliances, including end-user and partner survey, 3rd party analyst research
  2. Partner Development: After reaching the conclusion that the Japan market is one to pursue, we can assist our client to partner with resellers in the Japan market. To achieve these goals, we offer three partnering formats:
    • Consulting Format - Working to a statement of works with defined objectives, Workbrain Japan Partner Modelcan connect you to prospective partners, facilitate negotiations and handle contracts to distribute or support your products. Such a consulting agreement would typically include a retained or commission-based compensation plan.
    • Distribution Format - Workbrain Japan can fill the role of primary distributor of your products and contract members of our team who have the appropriate skills to drive your business, representing you locally as a "Virtual" entity handling sales, marketing, pre-sales and post-sales activity.
    • Representation Format - Workbrain Japan can establish and manage the Japan presence on behalf of our client by registering and operating a local Kabushiki Kaisha as a virtual branch office of the client. This reduces the investment required by the client to establish a business here (often upwards of half a million dollars for salaries, legal/admin costs, rental, etc); while providing local Japanese partners and customers assurances upon which they can invest into the business.
  3. Outsourcing: For vendors seeking to lower headcount costs in Japan, our team and partners also have the capacity to provide outsourced sales, marketing, administration, financial, legal, HR and technical services such as support or localization. We partner with a range of consulting firms and outsourcing providers specialized in such roles and can provide the right people to assist your business, providing a more flexible and cost-effective way to grow your business.
  4. Recruitment: As the business grows in Japan there is likely to be a "hand-over" stage where you opt to hire your own team on the ground. Our team can make this transition smooth and successful, while we can also assist in recruiting appropriately skilled people to continue and expand your business going forward. For some vendors already at this stage, we are able to assist them in finding the right people to build their Japan entity.