Workbrain Japan KK is a Tokyo-based consulting company and software distributor with a focus on emerging technology trends. We are focusing our energies on the technologies we see as Next Generation as IT makes the transition from expensive legacy products to a more cost-effective service orientation. Keywords include Virtualization, Cloud and Open-Source.

Our strength lies in our partnerships. With a core of seasoned veterans of the Japan IT vendor market, Workbrain Japan leverages a partner network that allows us to cover both sales and marketing, education and enablement, support and services. While we utilize well-known Tier-1 partners for the long term, we also focus on partnering with smaller, more aggressive integrators to help drive the early adoption phase for our clients. For more information on Partnering, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Our team, partner consultants and partner companies allow Workbrain Japan to offer our clients a wide range of skills, including those around Virtualization, networking and security, mobile as well as other server-based or SaaS applications. On the recruitment side, our team has a long history of recruiting for technologies vendors growing in the Japan market, including some of leading Virtualization and SaaS players. For more information on Recruitment, please contact us.

One of the major projects Workbrain Japan is working on is to build the Jaspersoft open-source BI business in Japan, including an industry leading cloud-based BI stack. Jaspersoft BI allows enterprise and SMB business managers to both cut their IT costs as well as boost business productivity through Jaspersoft's powerful BI suite as an on-premise or hosted solution. With the world's most widely used BI products, Jaspersoft has recently been acclaimed as the highest growth vendor in the BI market for 2009 and in Japan interest is strong. Locally Workbrain Japan is working with Nomura Research Institute`s Openstandia service and several leading BI partners.

For any software or infrastructure technology vendor that offers genuine performance enhancement or cost-reduction value to Japanese IT end-users, we can help. Whether you are starting from zero or are looking to build upon your early partnerships, or simply looking for Executive Search services.

Workbrain Japan has a network of partners covering Australia-New Zealand, South East Asia, China and Korea. If you are looking at the APAC market for your business expansion, we can help. For more information, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .